"Billy i want you to scream really loudly at my ass"
"ALRIGHT JOHHNY, just let me take off my hat"
by Nick and Steve August 1, 2003
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Eminem's MY DAD'S GONE CRAZY: "All this time me and Dre been fuckin' with hats off".
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
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To take (one's) hat off (to someone) is an idiom that means "To respect, admire, or congratulate someone." Often heard as, "Hat's off to you!"
"You completed the marathon? My hat's off to you!"
by D. Moriarty November 14, 2013
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A girl grinding on a dude while holding her proverbial cowgirl hat in one hand
-so what did you and Daniel do last night?
-all we did was take the hat off
by drdestructo March 14, 2015
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