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In lieu of calling someone an ***hole.
When said with careful inflection, the intention can be conveyed.

May aslo be used to ecape consequences of calling someone an ***hole.
1) You are being such a Hassle right now.
2) No. I said you're a Hassle, not an ***hole.
by OX_Bigly August 02, 2016

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TV series Basement DVD:
When a TV show never gets an official DVD release.
Someone usually collects a complete TV series from video tape recordings or official VHS release and makes a DVD for sale, either on eBay or iOffer.

Movie Basement DVD:
When a movie is never given an official DVD release.
Someone often creates a DVD from an existing VHS release of an obscure cult favorite that has yet to have an official DVD release
1.) The only way to see the complete series of Bucky O'Hare is to find a Basement DVD for sale online.

2.) George Lucas will never release the Star Wars Holiday Special so your best bet is to find a Basement DVD of it.
by OX_Bigly October 03, 2011

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Small pieces of cheese that land on the crust. During the cooking process they become hard, crispy, and easy to remove.
I like to pull off and eat the Pizza Scabs before I finish my crust.
by OX_Bigly August 02, 2016

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"Dig-n-save" or "Dig-n-save bin" refers to the bins in most stores that they dump lower cost or clearance items into.

Commonly DVDs.
I went to Walmart today and picked up a DVD of Killer Klowns from Outer Space. It took me a half hour to fish it out of the Dig-n-save bin.
by OX_Bigly November 16, 2011

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Someone on Twitter who follows you or tweets you because they scanned your tweets for any remote reference to a product they are trying to push.

Not to be confused with a SpamTard

a #ScamTard is any/most independent companies on Twitter offering a product or service.
by OX_Bigly November 27, 2012

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