The coolest place to liive in. From rednecks to gangsters, all races and shapes n size stay here. most of them dont give a fuck and smoke weed, kinda onry and get mad pussy. Group known as THC resides there and usually stick to themselves but if anyone tries to mess with them they gather in large numbers quicly. and they get maddd pusssy
Them harwood boys got it all. THC
by BIG MAN THC March 28, 2009
Proper noun: Harwood; plural noun: Harwoods

1. A baby with a boner. Previously thought to be impossible until puberty, this phenomenon leads many proud parents to name the baby boys after their baby boners.
2. A well-put-together, confident man with an easy going attitude and a sense of humor.

3. A man so confident that women approach him and ask him to punish them for being 'bad girls'.
Woman:"Excuse me, Harwood, but, um...would you like to buy me a drink?"
Harwood: "No."
by hgarland February 15, 2017
To not be able to speak properly. Always mummbleing and sluring two words into one, in some cases three.
For example; "How are you" would go into "Howru" and "I love you" becomes "Ilvu".
"Stop speaking so harwood."
by Daniell March 9, 2007
A harwood is a failed attempt at picking up a member of the opposite sex. It is usually accompanied by an aggressive and persistent attempt at a much younger target without realizing their disinterest.
That guy has been a harwood all night

This creepy harwood wouldn't leave me alone all night
by Club Crawler April 12, 2010
The sexiest, most hot gay boy in all the world. Has a sexy singing voice and is good at getting what he wants....OMG LOLZ
Dillon Harwood sang "Teenage Dream" flawlessly
by Lady-GaGa-09090 November 19, 2010
Usually a term given to those who choke on nothing during period 6. science
I cant believe that M. Harwood chocked today in science!
by Megaman1231 May 1, 2022
Lucas Harwood plays bass for King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and his 3 piece band Atolls, where he also sings. He's also a dad. He's a very cool dude who can sculpt various forms of facial hair and pull them all off, whether it is clean-shaven like he is in the Intrasport music video or a full-blown beard like he had during the Float Along - Fill Your Lungs era Gizzard or just a little stubble. He's also quite progressive: having his pronouns in his bio, among other things. He just seems like a nice dude.

Oh, and he sk8tes bro.
"Lucas Harwood is the most underrated member of King Gizzard!"
"I know right! His basslines and solos on Infest The Rats Nest literally make the album"
by bullant_owu March 9, 2021