Harry potter- The son of the late Lily and James potter who sacrificed themselves for thier son. He currently lives with his Uncle and Aunt who hate the majick world, he is the only one who ever lived through the avada kedavra (sorry if mispelled) curse. His godfather was sirius black but sadly he dies. At the end of the greatest series of books in the world on Harry or Voldemort has to die... (hope voldie dies!!)
by Laurren March 24, 2005
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That skinny kid in glasses who says incendio and you burst into flames
Harry Potter: Incendio!
Guy: AAAAAHHHHH! I'm burning!
by lazarbeamsfan11 February 25, 2019
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a highly overrated book about kid who realises he is a wizard and goes off to a boarding school called Hogwarts.He has two best friends called Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.He also has an owl called Hedwig. i've read 5 of the books and honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.
'oMgZZZZ the new HArry P0tter b00k c0mes 0ut s00n,i'm g0nna wait in the rain 0vernight s0 that i can get the first c0py LOL!!!1!!!!1one!!1!1!111!'
'why not just go tomorrow,it's still gonna be on sale..'
'STFU!!11!1!!I l0ve HArry POtter!!1!1!1!!one11!'
me:*bangs head against table*
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
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v. transitive, to stab another in the dick with a broom
Ron's unwelcome advances (and his outrageous priapism) were deflated with a decisive Harry Potter when Hermione finally lost her patience.
by SmoovB April 11, 2007
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some idiot who thinks he's got special magic powers an goes off trying to find the guy who killed his parents and half the wizard population because he thinks that he is some how stronger than him just cause his name is harry potter.
hi there! my names harry potter and because I have a cut on my head I can kill the most powerful dark wizard ever!
by .:D-J:. April 29, 2007
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The Harry Potter is a sexual move that occurs when there are two partners participating in anal sex, and the "giving" partner pulls out but continues the anal penetration with his finger now acting as the penis unknowingly to the "receiving" partner. The "giving" partner then will fake ejaculation by spitting on the "receiving" partners back. Since the "receiving" partner assumes that the sexual activity has ceased, she/he turns around to face the "giving" partner as is typical after any sexual activity. The "giving" partner will then scream "avada kadavra", and while holding his penis like a wand he will ejaculate on the "receiving" partners face followed by taking the hand used for penetration and drawing the iconic lightning bolt scar on the "receiving" partners forehead with the feces extracted from the receiving partners anus.
Yo man I totally Harry Pottered this witch last night, and lets just say it was magical
by jOMMY10241 March 20, 2011
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An evil book series that explicitly mentions witchcraft in nearly every chapter. It is an enemy of Jesus and you should never let your kids read/watch it. Show them The Passion of the Christ instead.
"Hey, does your kid wanna see the new Harry Potter movie with my kid?"
"No, we don't want to expose him to that trash yet."
by ArnoldtheRubberDucky October 19, 2014
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