Only Harford. Thats something that Harford would do. Thats like Harford.
by Chuck M July 13, 2003
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The best county in the USA's state of Maryland. In Harford, one not only finds a flourishing minority population (niggers, kikes, spics...) one will find the all too common White supremist Nazi sympathizer. These Nazis are known for atrocities such as the "I hate niggers and Jews" bonfire of 2004. In 1967 these same Nazis burned 5 massive crosses at a local Jewish business owner's home in Forest Hill, a nice part of Harford. White supremists are currently struggling to battle the formidable national gang, "the Bloods" which have moved in on the northern end of the county. Hopefully the White Supremists and the Niggers will all kill each other leaving the small but prosperous Jewish population alone. At that point the county will be excellent. Hail Hitler! Kill them F***ing white bastards. Lets go whine a little at synagogue!
WS: Those niggers killed my cousin!
Nig: You killed my bro!
Jew: I don't like manual labor!
by Jon Weingart April 22, 2005
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Harford Tech is a technical high school in harford county. So many people think that we are all losers because we go to a tech school but i guaruntee that pretty much anyone who comes out of this high school has so much more knowledge than any of the idiots that come from the other schools around the county. At least when we graduate, we can get a job at somewhere really good rather than making minimum wage saying "do you want fries with that?" Yes most of our sports teams suck but who cares we have more important things to accomplish than becoming a school full of dumb jocks. We do have an awsome wrestling team which actually won states last year which was fantastic. As with any school, we have all of the different "social" groups but many of us mingle and we rarly have a fight. When a fight does break out the entire school finds out within an hour and at least 10 people have the fight on video on their cell phone. At any given moment, you can find at least 15 seniors randomly roaming the halls and nobody even says anything. You can seriously walk right out the front door in the middle of the day past one of the administrators and they will say goodbye to you! As with any high school, its a school it pretty much sucks all the time until you get to about april of your senior year when you realize that you freaking love this school and your glad you stuck with it and didnt go back to your home school.
WOOHOO Harford Tech Class of 2007!
by cnd '07 January 26, 2007
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A county in the U.S. state of Maryland, and the county where I live, located about 25 miles northeast of Baltimore, 65 miles southeast of Philadelphia and northeast of Washington D.C., and 40 miles west of Wilmington, Del. It has a population of about 250,000. Its county seat is Bel Air. The northern part of the county has mainly farms and is where I go to school. The other end is suburban and industrial. The former includes the towns of Pylesville, Whiteford, Street, and Jarrettsville (where I live :D), the latter includes Joppatowne, Edgewood, Aberdeen, and Havre de Grace. Bel Air is in the middle.
I live in Harford County. It is a very diverse county, with farmland on one end, and suburbs and office buildings on the other end.
by epzik8 December 19, 2009
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This is a high school in Pylesville, Maryland. Yes, it's an AG school.
This does not mean that everyone who goes there is a farmer. Also, the school looks like a mall and has never been dirty, in my experience. Sorry we don't have a bunch of drugs and we're nice.
Also, the graduation rate is higher than 86%.
Sure there are cliques and things but they truly aren't as prevalent as other schools; I know from experience.

Take that, haters.
North Harford is awesome. Get your head out of your ass. cmw fallston john caroll
by KaylieAnn January 30, 2010
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harford park is the baseball capital of maryland. say your going to play a team from harford park, you have no chance once garrett starts pitchin and the boy marks at third maybe gonna hit a homerun on you
Harford Park just kicked Perry Halls ass!
by gat May 8, 2005
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The northern section of Harford County, Maryland that bascially encompasses Street, Jarrettsville, Madonna, Whiteford, Rocks State Park, and some parts of Forest Hill. NH is predominately a conservative, confederate flag bearing 99.9% white part of Harford County, which is known for their recently discontinued "Bring Your Tractor To School Day" at North Haford High School, racism, farms, NASCAR fans, John Deere tractors, and high concentration of meth labs and heroin.
"C'mon, man! Let's go to the 4H and tractor pull! Then we can pimp out our John Deeres and spend the rest of the day coming up with nigger jokes!"

"I love North Harford, man..."
by HARCOSLUT April 10, 2006
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