Friend #1: What did you get me for Christmas?

Friend #2: cmw and you’ll find out.
by NeonMetro December 25, 2018
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Cotton Mouth Water;

1.a plastic bottle of H2O purposefully taken to parties and other social gatherings when knowing that thirst and dry mouth will take place due to marijuana smoking.

2. any water that is consumed after the smoking of marijuana.
"Hey man, you want some beer?
No thanks, I got my CMW with me."

"My mouth is killing me bro, hook it up with the CMW!"
by Mar_ijuana January 05, 2009
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Acronym for "Compton's most wanted"
A Gangsta Rap group back in the 90's
with Aaron Tyler, Andre Manuel & MC Eiht
"Picked up the new CMW album!"
"oh for real, pop that shit in!"
by Billy 101 June 19, 2009
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