A new and up-and-coming band from Staines, UK, they have released one major album, "Stars of CCTV", and several singles including: "Hard to Beat", "Living for the Weekend" (which got remixed to a dance song) and "Gotta Reason" which later got released on several EA videogames including Fifa 06. They are a good alternative or indie band, which bring together the styles of the 90s and the 70s London music influx. They have picked up several awards, and have gone up in respect a lot more than the last entry on "Hard-Fi". A new tour is being planned, and a new album will be out before summer next year.
Hard-Fi are a good band, and you can get their album at bargain prices now!
by Jonathan Booth August 19, 2006
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An individual who lives for the weekend i.e. they spend their wages on getting drunk and pulling people in clubs that play popular music. About 90% of the British population between the ages of 15 and 30.
Look at that group of Hard-Fis over there. Let us separate ourselves from their mindless normality.

I pulled this hot girl in Fifth Ave last night.
Was she a Hard-Fi?
Yeah, obviously. It was a club.
by capodeicapi April 4, 2008
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Indie-rock band who, nevertheless released two decent albums, have to point out in every song that their home town of Staines is nothing less than a full-on conflict zone where you fear for your life while working in shit shops. Also responsible for some desperate lyrics in "Suburban Knights"*
*"Suburban days, they last so long/Each shop and office, we sing our song" - Hard-Fi's single of 2007
by chemicals and steel December 3, 2007
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UK alternative band from Staines in Berkshire. Released an album in 2005 called 'Stars of CCTV' and a single named 'Hard to Beat'. They came to fame by subsituting for Simple Plan on Green Day's soldout tour of the UK. Hard-Fi were booed at the concert in the Milton Keynes Bolw because they suck in comparison to the other bands that were playing. They have some decent songs such as 'Tied up too tight'. Overall a decent band considering they come from Staines like Ali G
I like to listen to Hard-Fi but I wish they would quit using that mouth piano thing.
by zhonghunter July 29, 2005
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A new up and coming band all the way from little old England. They are a change from alternative rock, with a bit of 80's rock sound in them. From london, their first album is called "stars of cctv" The band are quite new to the music scene as so their fashion sense has a lot of work to be done on it but other than that, you should and will love them!
Hard fi are the new up and comnig band from England.
Londoners like Hard fi show how music from England should be done.
by NJ.E October 12, 2005
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Science fiction which can be considered scientifically accurate.
Roman from the show party down who considers himself to be a hard sci fi writer. Roman attempts to get laid but finds himself keeping it real and blowing his chances.

Roman: So, what kind of stuff are you into?

Porn star: I don't know, I like all of it. Especially Dragons.

Roman:Dragons? (sipping drink in disgust) Dragons are fantasy. There's magical talismans' or a magic sword, or wizards, or fucking crazy, not real animals. All these basic things that break the laws of reality; that shits all fantasy. I'm into hard sci fi, fantasy is all bullshit.

Porn star: Um huh. (Leaves the bar)
by FiveStarGA January 9, 2012
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