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UK alternative band from Staines in Berkshire. Released an album in 2005 called 'Stars of CCTV' and a single named 'Hard to Beat'. They came to fame by subsituting for Simple Plan on Green Day's soldout tour of the UK. Hard-Fi were booed at the concert in the Milton Keynes Bolw because they suck in comparison to the other bands that were playing. They have some decent songs such as 'Tied up too tight'. Overall a decent band considering they come from Staines like Ali G
I like to listen to Hard-Fi but I wish they would quit using that mouth piano thing.
by zhonghunter July 29, 2005
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refers to all the idiots that have bought ipods and have made technology a fashion accesorary.
the ipod generation makes me sexy because i have neons on my computer
by zhonghunter February 7, 2005
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google is a fatly overpriced company and is fully gonna crash and burn.
dude, this google boom is gonna end soon
by zhonghunter February 7, 2005
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people brought up my doing their homework using google.
damn, all these kids in the google generation get As
by zhonghunter February 7, 2005
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