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Those last two definitions of Hard Man are all wrong. The first one is actually referring to a chav, which is quite the opposite, and the other was written by someone who plays too much Mega Man.

A Hard Man is someone who is unafraid of a fight and/or can take loads of physical punishment and drink.
He just smashed a bottle over the bouncer's head. What a Hard man
by Snake March 22, 2006
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a man who can deal with situations that stack up against him
and can still keep his cool and deal with them. someone who does not go out lookin for trouble but when comes to him he will do watever it takes he will also protect others who are not capable of defending themselves
lenny mclean was a very hard man
by steve ward January 12, 2008
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Glaswegian colloquialism for: A fighter who can take a hit as well as (sometimes better than) he gives. A survivor.
P1: Any coward can through a punch at the back of someone's head. But a real hard man (/hardman) looks the bloke right in the eye, and is ready to give "the old 1 3".
P2: Don't you mean "the old 1 2"?
P1: No, the "2" is for him. He's a hard man because he knows he will take it and still gets to 3.
by The Bajiquan Bear May 03, 2016
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a hardman is generally someone who isn't afraid to speak up for their beleifs or even fight if it comes to it. generally large in build, a bit of weight and a bit of muscle.

a good example of a hard man would be Ray Winstone's charachters in either 'Love, Honor and Obey' or the short film 'Bouncer'. an experienced fighter with some reserve.
1: ''you want a fight? well mate if i was you i wouldn't be a mug and mess him about, he's known around here for being a bit of a hard man...''
by thescorebandUK November 08, 2009
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a fat robot master from Mega Man 3, he attempts to shake the ground each time he hits the ground, head-on. it just me, or is Hard man...seductive?
by World Domination February 10, 2005
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1.A climber of mythic or heroic stature.
2. A climber who has accomplished climbs of epic difficulty or danger.
3. A climber who has survived a number of epics
4. An exceptionally tough climber.
Orginally used to describe a number of talented and tough climbers from the British Isles during the 40s and 50s. Now used to refer to a mentally and physically tough climber
John's epic first ascent of the North Face proved he was a real hardman.
by Jim Couch February 03, 2006
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A true hard man is someone who his both physically and mentally strong, but more importantly someone who stands up and takes responsibility, dealing with any challenging situation life throws at him and never giving up.
My dad was a hard man in his younger years, He knew what lines not to cross and whenever the shit hit the fan he would just accept the situation and get on with it. I wish I was capable of that.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 January 25, 2018
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