cats with porn
porn with chocolate
cats with chocolate
Man, i went to this restaraunt, it was happiness in a box, it was so good.
by lil November 9, 2004
When a women shoves 10 to 12 sexual objects up her rectum, and her male partner has to shove his arm up to the elbow into her ass in order to retrive them. He then must sexually pleasure her with all of the objects. Multiple times.
Black Dude One: Hey homie what did you do last night?
Black Dude Two: Oh i hung out with that couguer Tywasha!
Black Dude One: Oh word?! How did it go?
Black Dude Two: We happy toy boxed so hard! She put 15 things up dat ass and when I pulled them all out they were covered in shit! Then I fucked her with each one 20 times!
by NelliyJuice January 13, 2012
a happy box is the box that you hide your porn in
Nobodys home, time to get out the happy box
by Luke Himsel April 24, 2006
A box that contains sex toys, and related items.
Have you seen what is in your girl's happy box?
by alex1953strings February 23, 2014
A way to bribe kids into doing things for you, usually for girls.
Get me a cup of tea and you can get something from the happy box.
by Mikhail Alexander November 19, 2011
-Chinesse or asian menu item for kids
-Also another name for care package in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
I just got a kids happy box for killstreak in modern warfare 2, I'm so good at that game.

I order kids happy box for my kids today.
by Yes and it begins December 6, 2009