When you're in prison and you receive a package from home it's called a care package.
I just got a care package from my baby momma.
by thesanitycruzer April 26, 2011
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When noobs playing Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 2) set up a bitch class with lightweight, marathon and comando pro then pull out a care package but don't throw it, they sprint around at x2 faster speeds knifing everyone with their tac knife.
This fucking noob won't stop care packaging.. BACKOUT
by LessOffensive February 11, 2010
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The Care Package is the act of Shitting, Pissing, and Cumming in one sitting.
tell me what’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

Well i just called in The Care Package.
by cysomething July 22, 2019
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When a friend leaves you a package containing drugs. This can be:
1.) With your knowing (calls you that he's bringing it or text to check somewhere he left it for you)
2.) As a surprise (left in your car, left under the xmas tree, or in your mailbox etc)

Usually care packages contain things like but aren't limited to: pre-rolled joints or blunts, loose grams (low or high grade) cannabis, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, ecstasy), Hydrocodone (Norco Lorcet Vicodin Lortabs), Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin, Endocet, Primlev), Alprazolam (Xanax, Handlebars) , Benzoylmethylecgonine (Cocaine, Crack), Codeine (Actavis, Tylenol T3, 2065 V 4 etc), Promethazine (pills or liquid), alcohol, cigarettes, or Salvia Divinorum.
I was having a boring day until I went in my car and saw my friend K. Cobain left a care package for me. My day was instantly brightened!

"I left my friend GO DJ HaKa a care package of 2 blunts & 2 X pills. This will help him to have a great birthday night with his hookers."
by GO DJ HaKa December 25, 2017
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A poop that was taken while standing on a toilet seat in an attempt to land it in the bowl.
"Yo, Toby's Care Package stuck clean to the seat ,come look"
by Dargonball January 4, 2018
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When a man inserts his superglue-covered penis into a woman's vagina, then subsequently cuts it off and leaves, forcing the woman to either go to the ER or find another way to get it out.
Tom: Shit man, Phillip gave some prostitute a Columbian Care Package right before he commited suicide!
Louis: lol still a troll even after death
by mrrogersdick July 12, 2013
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Packages of nothing. Juggalos don't give a fuck about anything except "neden" and the "wicked shit" so why would they make care packages? duh!
Soldier: "Yo dawgs check out my Juggalo Care Packages! Hey what the fuck? It's an empty box! Man fuck ICP I'm gonna cap they ass!"
by Juggakilla69 February 25, 2010
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