3 definitions by NelliyJuice

Causing a mass eruption of bodily fluids, mostly out of the penis.
by NelliyJuice November 5, 2011
When a girl or woman has spent way to many lonely nights on tumblr. Alone. And she has taken on tumblr as part of her personality.
Guy 1: Hey man look at that chick over there! She's got a mean case of the tumbles.

Guy 2: Hey chick come over here!

Chick: Oh my god guys, did you see that (insert band name here) in concert?! They are just sooo perf, I can't!!! asdfjkl!

Guy 2: Oh god...
by NelliyJuice December 7, 2012
When a women shoves 10 to 12 sexual objects up her rectum, and her male partner has to shove his arm up to the elbow into her ass in order to retrive them. He then must sexually pleasure her with all of the objects. Multiple times.
Black Dude One: Hey homie what did you do last night?
Black Dude Two: Oh i hung out with that couguer Tywasha!
Black Dude One: Oh word?! How did it go?
Black Dude Two: We happy toy boxed so hard! She put 15 things up dat ass and when I pulled them all out they were covered in shit! Then I fucked her with each one 20 times!
by NelliyJuice January 13, 2012