An insult referring to the toxic castle maining rainbow six siege player SavageShark546.
Austin: Heyyyyy did you see my 1 man feed??


Austin: Dafuq?
by ZMan501st April 17, 2018
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when someone makes a bad mistake it is refered to them as playing a bad game of payday, this term comes from the board game 'payday'the term 'good game of payday' can also be used for something good, but people rarely play a good game of payday.
Ryan: "dude, I got with that slag again last night"
Frazer: "lets face it, you played a bad game of payday there"

Sam: "we actually booked our 5 star holiday to tunisia"
Frazer: "yes we have just played the much sought after good game of payday"

Frazer: "what a boring evening"
Sam: "yes we played a bad game of payday"
by Frazer Newport October 2, 2006
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Just a not fun game to play
Sweater: "lets play terraria" Fallen: "nah man, thats a bad taste of games"
by FallenEmpire May 23, 2019
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Russia is bad at the game they are losing to Ukraine
russia is bad at the game no cap
by donkey shite March 10, 2022
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