The act of posting a media item (such as a meme, video, or joke) in a group on social media where the same media item has already been posted repeatedly.
"Haha guys, check out this meme that's totally new to me!"

"Dude, quit hansoning. This is the seventh time that's been posted."
by sockpuppetvader September 26, 2017
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The only perfect guy out there! He's totally loyal to the point where he's making Lisa love him even more!
Lisa: I'll always love you, Hanson!

Hanson: I just realized right now that I'm in love with you too, Lisa! Marry me, Lisa! *Presents Lisa with a ring*

Lisa: Of course I will, Hanson! *Passionately kisses Hanson*

Hanson: *Puts the ring on Lisa's ring finger and wraps both of his arms around Lisa securely*
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The act of saying nonsensical and offensive sayings and then blanking out when asked to explain it, named after Australian politician Pauline Hanson and her infamous opening speech to Parliament in 1996.
My professor had a hansonism in AP Calculus today.
by FiatJustitia January 10, 2017
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A band that has broken from their record label and gone indie, but they still sell out shows across the United States. Yes, they did write mmmbop, but at an age when you could barely learn the words to a song, much less write your own. They are currently touring and writing music, and are about to come out with a documentary called "Strong Enough to Break", about their journey as a band and how they broke from their record label. They are fabulous musicians with hardcore fans. Why? Because they are amazing and continue to grow with each album. This band will be around for a long time.
"Hanson? They're still around?"
"Yeah and they're awesome - listen to their acoustic album, it's great."
...a few days later...
"I can't believe it. I like Hanson. I want to marry Issac. He's hot."
by Sunshine326 January 23, 2006
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The only "boyband" of the late 90s that was actually a "band" and consisted of "boys" Wrote all their own songs, played their own instruments, all that good stuff. Made 5th grade girls faint.
Hanson best known for MMMBop and Where's The Love
by 1069 January 30, 2006
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Extremely talented band consisting of three brothers. The albums consist 100% of their own music and their concerts are made of songs that are theirs and a couple that aren't. They are extremely well rounded musicians; playing countless instruments. They are highly underrated because of idiots who associate them with just their song Mmmbop (which, if you think about it is pretty impressive for people at that age to write), a song that they wrote and released when they were young. These people don't even give them an chance and immediately dismiss them.
They are extremely talented and should be given a fair chance.
"Did you get Hanson's new record, The Walk?"
"Yeah I did. It's great."
by hansonrocks November 18, 2007
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Hanson is a word used to describe perfection. It derives of the band Hanson, which is no less than this. As a matter of fact, nothing will ever top Hanson. Ever.
TL: Even if Tay hadn't been a Hanson, he would still be Hanson.
by Trine October 4, 2007
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