Mmmbop (oom' bop)

n. 1. When something cool happens
2.time travel, or telepathy
3.form of agression
when something cool occurs,“mmmbop, yeah”,
when you see a hot girl, “mmmmmmmmmmbopppaaaaa”
as a form of agression, “don't make me mmmbop you”
"I don't wanna kick you down and mmmbop on yo face," or "in an mmmbop you're gone"
by Hfan February 1, 2008
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MMMBop is a song by the band Hanson. The word "MMMBop" is basically all the lyrics the song consists of, yet still most people cannot sing it right.
"MMMBop ba duba dop ba du bop ba duba dop ba dubop ba duba dop ba du" is how the song goes.
by i don't like you May 23, 2006
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A term used to describe a ridiculously good looking person, or the sexual acts being done to a person.
1. Yo we chillin with some mmmbops tonite?
2. That girl is fine! Ima mmmbop that bitch tonite!
by themaster0falltime August 16, 2009
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male male male bop, slang for a gay threesome.
only gays mmmbop
by hanson bros September 22, 2009
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Mmmbop (oom' bop) n. 1. An unrepeatable moment.

2a. A short frame of time. 2b. An instant.

(Latin: umbopus: A good time.)
by Kate February 22, 2004
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A ridiculously cheerful song by the pop-rock band wordHanson/word, released widely in 1997, and was a huge hit. Despised by many, but beloved by true wordFanson/words.
I hated MMMBop at first, but it grew on me eventually.
by xcarex November 3, 2003
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3-way male orgy, as in "man-man-man bop". The term was 1st popularized in the '90s with the hit song of the same name by the group "Hanson".
"Mmmbop, baby; oh yeah"
-Hanson, from the song "Mmmbop"
by frackledart December 22, 2011
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