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Hannely's are short, attractive and usually wear braces until they are 17. If you have a Hannely keep her close because her good humor and supportive nature will always be there for you. Hannely's can be found with a gay friend, as well as boys named Leonardo. Hannely's are super judgmental and hate chocolate cakes. Hannely's normally eat banana's and have naturally curly brown hair, make sure not to touch her neck! cause she bites! Hannely's normally show their affection through hugs and biting and will usually be on her phone 24/7.
-jimmy: That girl is pretty short, must be a HANNELY!
-Ralph: WOW, ive never seen such a Hannely before!
-Angie: Did you see Hannely playing Volleyball?
-Denise: What a great serve!
by Versace Onzefloor February 19, 2018
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