2 dudes deep throating each other at the same time in the 69 position.
Guy #1: What are you doing this weekend?
Chuck: Staying most of weekend in CLE with Rich
Guy #1: Are you guys gonna get a hotel? And make a video together?
Chuck: Yup. Eating Bananas
by T-rash February 10, 2018
Nerd: Teacher, can you give us more homework? I think I'm falling in love with them!
Justice: Eat banana, trash! No one wants homework except for you, piece of shit!
the banana becomes a banana
this is a phrase, when a banana eats a banana, the banana becomes a banana
by bigbrian232 February 19, 2020
pornography that includes a close up of a hairy vagina with a dick in it, looking like bearded aussie tv presenter rolf harris eating a banana
'god i saw this really old porn and it looked like rolf harris eating a banana'
by tommy stevenson September 23, 2009
slang term for a homophobe.When you say someone "Eats His Banana Sideways" it simply means he's so against homosexuality that he eats bananas like corn on the cob, so as not to "fellate" his banana.
"Did you hear how Billy insulted Greg for kissing Jack? He totally eats his banana sideways.
by Super Kawaii Megan! March 7, 2005
Banna eating, when you full on sucking on that dick and you nibble or bite it.
"Ouch! Damn Sally, stop banana eating me you cunt! You about took it off!"
by @WeirdShitThatILike May 24, 2017