Telling someone they are more handsome than someone they think are not!
" you are more handsomer than LA Reid baby"
by angelkisses123 October 14, 2011
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someone good-looking, charming, and possess an attractive aura to attract girls.
eg. Kelvin Chua Yao Hui
by Ruud July 2, 2004
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a guy who is too amazing and good lookin to put into 1 word is gorgeous and sexy and handsome XD x with a heart stopping smile. he has a unique personality with a heart of gold , he is charming an can say just the little things that can take your breath away and leave you with a cheeser . he is just 1 in a million x
andy is jus simply handsomeous
by rintelnpink September 20, 2010
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Someone that is extremely good looking in your own definition. Not just a guy in a tux with slicked back hair and an English accent.
Jason is so fucking handsome. I'm glad he's my boyfriend
by ScarletRosr January 10, 2017
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an old-fashioned word of sorts, used to describe the physical attractiveness of a man.
whatever happened to words like this? since when did handsome/beautiful get replaced with hot/hawt/sexy/i'd tap that/fine? call me an old bat but it seems a bit degrading to whomever is being complimented. i'd be amazed if i found someone who still has that in their vocabulary. and doesn't over-use it pointlessly
girl 1: omg that guy over there is so hawt. i'd definately go there ;)
girl 2: actually, i'd say he was quite handsome
girl 1: where did you come from, the middle ages?
girl 2: i just prefer not to objectify people
by slightly off-centered July 22, 2007
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If you think a guy is handsome you're look at his everything. As in his mind, his heart, his personality, his everything.
He's not hot, he's handsome.
by LOLiWinNorah February 22, 2012
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Cute in a more mature and older way.
Wow, he is too handsome.
by Brittany-Ghetto Princess October 5, 2003
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