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The fine art of taking a Dump in someone's handbag without them knowing. A great way to impress your dissatisfaction with someone for leaving their handbag somewhere accessible. Not advisable on first dates or when taking elderly relatives to dinner.
Handbagging is often preformed on a night out when a really annoying girl (or guy (doesn't even have to be annoying (just has to have a handbag))) and you get the opportunity to grab a handbag on the way to the bathroom or anywhere else you are comfortable doing 'the deed'. Not being caught is usually advisable.
Also good for a competitive game with mates seeing who can get the most or the best bag!
by Gymsox May 19, 2011
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v. The act of simulating teabagging (v. To lower one's scrotum into another's mouth) with ones hand.
I just witnessed Greg handbagging himself trying to explain teabagging to the professor.
by Dr. Inappropriate May 11, 2011
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when receiving a hand-job it is the aim to position her handbag is such way that it will get covered in spunk
I came on Laura's expensive handbag - she didn't mind
by bob2 November 17, 2003
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