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Someone who will look fantastic in one photo and look terrible (like a complete other person) in another photo.
Jane: "You look great in that pic!"
... "But who the hell is this one of?"
Sara: "Ah... that's me too..."
Jane: "You are a bit of a schitzopolaroid aren't you?"
by sofaqueen March 27, 2008

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Someone who has the really annoying habit of hijacking any group situation.
An individual that must be heard and will monopolize a group whether or not they are the appointed leader of the group.
The AA meetings went fine until Natalie arrived. She would talk for the entire hour and no one else would get a word in edgeways. The other members called her the group terrorist.
by Sofaqueen March 12, 2008

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A boyfriend or girlfriend who is clingy or possessive or follows their boyfriend/girlfriend around all the time (including those that constantly text to 'see what you are up to' in other words check up on you)
"Steven follows me around all the time but seriously, I have a handbag and I don't need any more accessories" Said Kylie.
"I can see how this is going to go" replied Sara "He's a total handbag"
by Sofaqueen March 02, 2008

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A descriptive word for someone ass.
Ussually a good thing - meaning one has a 'mountable' ass
Jane says 'Damn, look at the ass on him. VERY mountainous'

Sara says 'Yeah, for sure, bet that's what his boyfriend thinks too.'
by Sofaqueen March 10, 2008

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A higher form of retard (see 'I am sofa king we todded')An extract and new meaning.
Kerrin's T-shirt says "If I'm not wasted, the day is"
Sara says "the day is... what?"
Janes says "Sara, you are such a sofa king!"
Sara Says "Oooooooooooh. Oops"
Ussually said in a retard voice and followed by Sara blushing.
by Sofaqueen February 21, 2008

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