1. Any of several Middle East-dwelling carnivore super intelligent species
2. A metaphorical question
3. archaic or dialect adverb At some distance in the direction indicated; over there
1. They say the poor bastard was attacked by a Hamid which is very intelligent and dewells in Middle East and feasts on flesh.
2. What did you do to my fucking car bitch?
3. A: Where iseth my carriage you grimalkin?

B: It iseth right overeth hamid
by män-'täzh July 28, 2009
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Is a gay boy and doesn't have a life.
Did you see that Hamid!, he is so not straight and is definitely gay.
by yahhhhh, that's hot. May 29, 2019
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The measure of the Hamidness in a given area.
A: Whoa... did you just feel the sudden gust of wind?
B: Yeah... that's because the hamidity just went up.
by Jacob Wang December 04, 2006
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He is such a kind and caring person but can be very annoying and rude sometimes. When he's in love he hides his feelings and hamidous are always successful people and a leader also they have big dreams and never give up till they achieve them they are also quite and not very social and this kind of people can be dangerous sometimes. He can be great husband and boyfriend too and any girl will be lucky to have them.
I want a hamidou for a husband
by Venzetti May 29, 2018
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Hamide is a person who uses periods in her texts and corrects peoples grammar
by protectorofwomen January 21, 2018
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to steal something because no one can see u ... ultimate darkness
I 'hamided' dwaynes chair, computer and life..
Check outside ur house cause theres Hamid is there with a U-Haul hamiding ur shit..

hamid (verb ... to hamid)
by MYD February 22, 2007
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Is a terrorist liking little kids while sitting in his white van, ready to lure little children right in.
I wish i wasn't a hamid. He is a gay boy.
by yahhhhh, that's hot. May 29, 2019
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