Act in which the testicles are placed in the eyesockets of a sleeping person. The penis is laid over the bridge of the nose. The result looks like a plate of Ham and Eggs
That crowho got passed out wasted and I gave 'er the ham & eggs.
by Stephen J. Graves Jr. November 06, 2004
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1. The savior of the Native American Indians.

2. A very pimp comic boock charactor who likes to smoke his pipe.

see also Kosher Frank
"Man the Chief is so cool."

"Did you see the new Chief Ham + Eggs Halloween special"
by Sam (an avid fan of the Chief) December 02, 2004
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A legendary, bangin-ass breakfast sandwich. More commonly known as the mouth orgy of the morning.
Boy: Yo, I woke up early this morning with that bitch right next to me and I was like 'yo I'm horny, bitch make me a ham egg and cheese sandwich.'

Bitch: Okay.
by life guru May 10, 2010
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how much you are commited to something.
ham is a part of the meal, and is commited to it.
eggs is not necessarily included. thus it is on the fence.
made popular by an episode of grey's anatomy.
girl - "do you want to be with me or not?"

boy - "sometimes yes. im not sure. dont pressure me."

girl - "listen, its simple. are you ham or eggs."
by tromano33 November 04, 2006
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To step up one's game when other teammates are not playing well.
When Kobe went down with an injury, the team had to ham and egg it for the first half of the season.
by Dan Theman June 16, 2009
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