A funny-sounding word made up to dote on fun/crazy/drunk people in the act of being wild . The wilder the person is, the more of a “Hairball” they are. The term is intended to be silly and affectionate.
Last night she was riding a lyft scooter while drinking champagne and trying to knock people over, typical Hairball!
by Hairball26 July 27, 2019
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adj: Describing 1. a crazy situation. 2. unbelievable circumstances. 3. an odd series of events.

Also often accompanied by the adv., f**king. (i.e. f**king hairball)
1.) Man, I was driving on the highway last night and almost hydroplaned into the guardrail! It was f'ing hairball!

2.) I don't know what happened before I got to work, but Missy threw the coffee pot at the boss. It was hairball how she just nutted up.

3.) Dude did you read that hairball plan Johnson has for taking over the Asian market segment?
by Johnny Toxin December 4, 2007
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(hâr-bawl) - VERB

To direct a load-out from the back of a truck.
"Don't worry, you can fuller the load, he'll osier it and I'll just hairball it from here!"
by Crowdsurfer February 7, 2010
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What your cat pukes up Often in front of guests or during dinner. Or both
Muffins, our cat, walked in while we were having the revrend over for dinner and coughed up a hairball in his lap
by Mystic_Snowfang June 25, 2010
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When someone licks the pussy and gets hair in their mouth.
“She was going down on me and had to stop because she got a hairball.”
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Skipping sex due to cat vomit on the bed covers.
Couldn't shag my girl last night because we got hairballed.
by eastcoastgirl October 7, 2010
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