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Hafeez.. welll, it means guardian but he's much MORE then that.. He's very understanding, extremely kind, strong, trustworthy, funny, patient, intelligent, supportive, friendly, respectful, the list goes on but he is .. A True Prince!!..

He's the most nicest person I know!! He would do Anythiing he can to help you out in problems.. He's not the typical gangster/ prep dude but he's not a simple nerd either, He's not like all the typical guys out there.. His name is HAFEEZ and he's absolutley UNIQUE.. He's just.. PERFECT!! (<< But even this word doesnt define him).. He's the guy whos ALWAYS there for you!!.. Whenever ur down, He's always there to cheer u up! He's funny and can make anyone laugh.. When ur with him u feel safe and free.. You can talk to him about anything and he will ALWAYS listen and NEVER criticise or judge you.. He's so easy to talk to.. When you talk to him you never have to worry that he'l tell someone else because u can Trust him and talk to him about ANYTHING! When ur with him he makes you feel OUT OF THIS WORLD he treats u.. like a STAR!.. He's funny and can be immature at times but he's the BEST FRIEND anyone could everr have or ask for!!.. He's the guy dat every girl DREAMS of and any girl would DIE for! He's just the BEST person in the world!!! People like him are hide to find, He's one in a MILLION!!.. When he's around, you dont want to wish for anything else.. He has special powers which no one else has.. He can lighten up ur day without even trying and make all your wishes come true, like an ANGEL!.. He's something out of this world.. Truely Incredible, Extordinary, Miraculous and SPECIAL!!!.. Anyone else who thinks otherwise is misunderstood or doesn't have a brain!

He deserves the BEST!!! I just want him to know this and remember it forever!!

He means ALOT to me, He's just like my brother but a best friend to.. without him i dont no what i would do!.. Anyone who doesnt no him, there life is seriously incomplete!

I could be here all day talking about Hafeez.. but even what i wrote isn't enough because there are No words that can explain how AMAZING Hafeez actually is!!!
A perfect example would be the one and only Hafeez Akhtar!
by a unknown person February 13, 2009
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1 (noun): Someone who knows how to strike the correct balance between hard work and good times. 2 (adjective): Compassionate. 3 (verb): Averse to doing Form 4Gs.
1. Yo dawg, dat is one wise Hafeez.
2. OMG, the guy I met at the party last night was so genuine and real. He was truly a Hafeez.
3. Oh no, another S.O. grant! I'm gonna pull a Hafeez.
by h-dawg April 22, 2013
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When you fool women, pretend to be what you are not and for sexual advances.
A person who loves women but will never show it to the world but dates women at Victoria park
Judy: the guy u are dating is hafeez

Girl: yep what's wrong he promised me to get a modelling contract.
Judy: You are being hafeezed.
by Lala jhunjunwala November 25, 2011
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