Pronunciation: Ha-das

Function: noun

Usage: often lovingly

Etymology: Greek, originated somewhere in the suburbs

1 : a small Israeli shrubbery

2 : an amazing person, especially : highly intelligent, drop dead sexy, loving, a talented writer, caring, possesing a fantastic sense of humor, short, hooka addicted(Canibis Nargilis Smokis Alotis), soon to be rich and famous

3 : one who is loved unimaginably by many
1) I love that Hadas!

2) What do you think would happen if we were to smoke that Hadas?

3) Of course she won the Pullitzor! She is a Hadas afterall!
by cadecodtraveler June 2, 2005
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Hadas- a girl who is often kind but a little loud and perhaps even a little annoying. She usually has a sense of humor, but sometimes she can be a total chode.
Person 1: man, that girl won't shut up!
Person 2: total hadas, man.
Person 1: I know! What a chode!
by geetarpwnage December 23, 2010
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A word me and my friends made up. Better to use the word if your white because it means nigga.
by Mr Kinky Kit-Kat September 23, 2020
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a small plant

also the sexiest girl i have ever met in my life
lets go smoke that hadas

DAAAAAAMN!!!! did you see Hadas' new green bra? its got BUTTONS on it!!
by moopmastermike June 8, 2006
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it's a filipino slang for wandering around.

it's a filipino slang for sucking dick/blowjob
Tara nga (hada) humada tayo sa park. (Come on let's wander around the park). (hada becomes humada)

Wow, sarap mong (hada) humada ah. (Wow, you're blowjob is great!)
by churva September 10, 2007
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hott. cute, has big boobs, has brown hair, she loves pearls,and loves guys.
hot funny cute hadasipoo
by mr. scotty May 28, 2010
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Originally from the online podcast UhhYeahDude.

1. "Herda-hada" or "Herda-hada-herda" can either refer to residents of the Southern American states, the Bible Belt, or any rural area in the United States, especially where "rednecks" can be found. This mostly Southern and Eastern Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky to the Gulf Coast, and from the Atlantic coast to most of Texas and Oklahoma.

2. It can also refer to the Southern American English (SAE) speech dialect and the mockery thereof.
And he was all like, 'Herda-hada' so I told that stupid redneck to shut up.
by smashuri November 2, 2010
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