Being in an altered state of consciousness. This may be due to a variety of factors such as lack of sleep, ingesting intoxicating substances or suffering an emotional upset.
Did you have a good night at the party? Yeah but I was haciendaed after all the shots.

OMG I'm haciendaed after working a week of nights.
by itsmine August 24, 2011
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A increasingly shrinking group of people with micro penis'
Look at hacienda over their with their 2 member (combined penis size of 2.1 inches
by manfattheman February 6, 2020
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In Spanish-speaking terms, it is a large estate or plantation with a dwelling house.
It was a hacienda, not a ranch.
by Goth Girl February 14, 2018
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A Mexican gangbang where each member dips their genitalia in a spicy Hacienda dish before sex.
Man, Jane sure seemed to enjoy the Taste of Hacienda last night!
by Deerdee July 19, 2015
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A quaint little hood-rich "unincorporated area of Los Angeles county" that sits on the border of Orange County. It has just the right amount of ghetto-ness, immigrants, and people who like to think they're rich because they wear a Louis Vuitton bag with their Target jeans. Amidst the array of 90's-era Asian cars with spinner hubcaps and hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants lies two high schools, Los Altos and Glen A. Wilson, whose long standing rivalry in football consumes most of the community (even though Los Altos always wins). It's perfect location puts Hacienda Heights 20 minutes away from ANYTHING worth seeing or doing, and that's why you love it.
We're going to a party in Hacienda Heights... it might be a lil ghetto and broken up by 11:00, but there's a free keg.
by mel/krysty September 1, 2006
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You already know what’s next

It’s the hacienda flex

-when you flex real big on that hacienda

-so much
“You see that hacienda flex??? Ohhhh shit! You know what’s next!!!l
by Onion Federal February 6, 2023
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This is invoked mid-game in any competition when someone wants to cheat by changing the rules of the game.
Jeff K called Hacienda Heights Rules during the dodgeball game so that his team could add an additional player.
by SoPasDude July 1, 2023
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