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In Spanish-speaking terms, it is a large estate or plantation with a dwelling house.
It was a hacienda, not a ranch.
by Goth Girl February 14, 2018
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red diesel is the main drink of Northampton based goths and all genre of rock inclined people. To make it you need 1/2 pink of lager (kronenburg is the brand of choice) 1/2 a pint of sweet cider mixed together in a pint glass. Enough blackcurrent juice to make the dring go purple then... and this really is what makes this different from your regular snakebite and black. You pour a shot of pernod straight into the middle of the glass. Trust me it's fucking lush and gets you completly twisted
it's your round.. get me a pint a red diesel mate

your drinking red diesel? that's loopy juice that
by Goth Girl October 2, 2006
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