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You and your girlfriend decide to have chincken wings for dinner. You make sure and order the Xtra spicy wings. Once the meal is finished you fake wash your hands. Next you take your girlfriend into the bedroom and begin to finger her. Within 30seconds to a minute she will start to feel an excruciating burning sensation start to rage in her now throbbing pussy. It will most likely feel as if you have just set her pussy on fire with an industrial blow torch. She will scream "Fire!!! Fire!!" as she really thinks her pussy is in flames. You then begin the process of urinating all over her pussy to calm the blaze down.
Guy: hey honey those wings really got me horny.

Girl: I know what you mean!

Guy to friend: ... And then I fake washed my hands and gave her a Habanero Surprise!

Friend: Did you piss on that bitch to put out the fire??

Guy: Sure did!
by dick smeller June 13, 2008
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The exquisite act of swallowing a hot dog whole and passing it through the digestive tract to the anus where it is released by the sphincter and then sucked back into anus. For a more homoerotic experience some choose to cook the hot dog till it's nice and plump and then freeze it solid in it's plump state. This gives the hot dog the feeling of a thick erect penis when it is being sucked back into the anus.
Me: How come I have 8 buns but only 4 hot dogs?

Red: I used some earlier, I saw them and couldn't resist doing a few quick habanero buttsuckers.

Me: I was going to grill those!!!

Red: You still can.
by The notorious B.I.C. June 14, 2010
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When your boyfriend/girlfriend eats a hot pepper and proceeds to fingerbang you. And then he throws some milk on your crotch to neutralize the burn.
my boyfriend gave me a habanero finger bang and then threw some 2% milk on my crotch in the shower.
by Chadius H. April 3, 2006
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The act of rubbing chili such as a habanero on the tip of one's penis and counting how much said person lasts before they need to wash it off.
The party yesterday got pretty fucking wild-Jim gave himself a Habanero Hot Rod and lasted a full 30 seconds before screaming in pain and peeing a little blood later on.
by DirtyDictioner November 21, 2015
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An uno +5
Here is the habanero!! As Jason placed the uno +5.
by audreyIol March 1, 2021
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Eating hot peppers along with equal parts laxatives.

May God have mercy.
You: (Friend), I had the worst night.
Friend: Why? What happened?
You: Habanero Hurricane
Friend: I'm So Sorry.
by TheSlangMaker420 February 22, 2021
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You eat a large amount of spicy food before sex and during you leave a foul smelling spicy steamer on your lovers chest or face
"I told him I liked it spicy in the bedroom so he gave me a Habanero Trumpet"
by Krazychris89 July 25, 2016
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