HUV (Homeless Utility Vehicle): A temporary personal shelter constructed as a mobile vehicle to be used by the homeless. The vehicle is intended for individuals who have been victimized by both natural disaster and political conflict, resulting in insufficient housing. The HUV is not a cure for homelessness but rather a transitional means of housing. In addition, the HUV serves to elevate individuals from substandard living conditions by providing mobile and practical, yet private, housing.

The HUV Project addresses the pressing issue of homelessness on a worldwide basis. The HUV can effectively provide an immediate temporary housing solution for homeless individuals, uniquely different from other types of transitional housing. The HUV seeks to increase autonomy for the homeless, by providing a personal space with storage, sleeping accommodations, and privacy. The use of the HUV increases options for individuals devastated by disaster, by acting as an independent home-base unit. While allowing mobility, the HUV provides an opportunity to elevate a homeless individual's self-perception and esteem. The homeless face social stigma, with limited choices in living accommodations; the HUV aims to provide an increased sense of independence, while reducing negative self-perceptions, stimulating hope, and redefining the public perception of homelessness.
I had a great night sleep in my HUV last night.
by Mr.HUV December 22, 2010
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HUV stands for 'Hook Up Virgin'
Can be abbreviated to HV if you're really lazy. First coined in Sydney's west by 12vies
"OMG Alex is a HUV?"
"Yeah he's never gotten with anyone!"
"That's cray cray!"
by Ishdick November 02, 2013
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Scottish slang for "Have"
"Here mate can ah huv the remote over please."
by RidSpunj June 10, 2021
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1. hating and loving a person simultaneously.

2. hating that you love (someone or something.)
"I huv you!"
by Matt Windle poet February 21, 2021
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dumbed down version of having this, hav dis etc...
used by simple people
u want to huv di deek in ur bum
by huvdi December 12, 2020
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When you're hungover from chugging booze all night so you curl up on the couch for eternity and have no thoughts of moving.
Friend 1: "Did you wanna go get McD's and cure this hangover?"
Friend 2: "Nah man, I'm huv off"
by NewfieDewfie911 November 17, 2018
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