For Ebay users means "hard to find", abbreviation used to save space.
by Zeb Khan August 20, 2008
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this item is rare and htf.
by niik April 30, 2003
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it means Hand To Forehead.
it's when someone does something unbelievablely stupid
and it's ment to save time, and move on.
"NO, George W. Bush is doing the BEST he can!"
by xnd51591 February 24, 2006
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Abbreviation for (How the fuck) or (How in the fuck)
Htf did that happen

Htf did he do that
by Livin' like Larrt March 12, 2016
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Who The Fuck. Usually used when angry at a specific person.
HTF Just ate my sandwich?
Some guy just got robbed of his XBox 360! HTF would do that?
by Jonanin December 24, 2005
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Short for Hot Teen Flesh.
Holy balls, did you guys see all the HTF at the mall today?
by Balls McCrackin August 18, 2005
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