HTF can be used if referring to:

1.) How the fuck

2.) Happy Tree Friends

3.) Hard to find (Ebay users)

Or the not commonly used:

4.) Hand to forehead
1 HTF did that happen?!

2 Lmao HTF is really funny but gory.

3 Wow that item is so HTF!

4 Oh my god, why did you even do that...HTF
by DjAshu July 15, 2009
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"Ha, that's funny." An alternate of LOL, which is used to distinguish something that is marginally funny from something that is actually worthy of laughing out loud.
DJL: "Why did the elephant eat the candle?"

ASJ: "Why?!"

DJL: "Because he wanted a light snack!"

by Meesh Capisci May 22, 2010
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Abbreviation for Happy Tree Friends (A cartoon which always brutally kills the cute fuzzy animals involed)
That episode of HTF last night was so gory ;)
by Flippydaslasher October 30, 2007
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hitting the freeway,hitting the freights,have to fuck, and here the fame.
HTF's crew are most graffiti on the freeway and freights in the u.s. cities.
by nime December 7, 2007
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HTF do you expect to pull that off?
by Linguica November 7, 2002
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Abbreviation for 'How the Fuck'.
by Branislav J. June 13, 2008
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A rare condition that occurs in one out of 1000 men, especially early teens. Htfs stands for “Horny Twenty-Four Seven”, and runs throughout a family. Only cure known so far is Pre-marital sex.
That guy is tweakin out, I think he has htfs, he hasn’t had sex in 3 months and doesn’t know how to act
by @josethelucifer December 1, 2019
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