Hours To Carlotta - Made famous in the film Carlotta (2014) about the extraordinary life of the iconic Les Girls headliner and Australian transgender pioneer, Jessica Marais.

Hours to Carlotta (HTC) is an alternative measure of time, in which hours are measured from a specific moment, specifically, the time that you are due to see Carlotta.
Ian: "What's the time, Steve?"

Steve: "11:50 (HTC)"

Ian: "Shit, that's ages away, who am I going to frot until then?"

Steve: "I don't know, but her bikes outside if you want to go snurging"
by Steve Tinkler March 11, 2019
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Bad phones named as acronym for Hate This Crap
HTC is exactly what it name means, it's crap
by zakuka March 14, 2011
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It's an acronym for "have to cry"

is there something bothering you?
U okay?
brb I htc
by trashdotc0m June 9, 2016
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Hey Jack, feel like goin out for a little HTC tonight?
by Jocko123 April 8, 2010
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Piece of shit that is responsible for more people going back to an Iphone from Android than anything else.
That Htc is Quietly fucking useless.
by Wolja June 11, 2013
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~"Dude Jake joined the HTC"

~"No way I would fuck a girl on her period man!"
by skisky November 10, 2010
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