HTC-ers are the followers of techtokker
Person 1: Have you seen the new video?
Person 2: No, i am not a HTC-er.
by TechtokGUY July 11, 2022
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A word that describes the non-existent smartphone you own
Person 1: I have the newest invention in smartphones *reaches into pocket and pulls out nothing* Its the HTC invisible! Its free, with no monthly charge!
Person 2: Dude you don't have a phone. Thats your hand.
Person 1: PSHHHHH! You just can't see it. Its too far in the future for you to understand.
by kitkath August 9, 2011
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A lame phone owned by lame people.
HTC Wildfire-The lamest phone ever.
by Ambii January 12, 2011
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The phone that will single handedly kill the iPhone and all the other crap apple releases
Matt: Hey dude I just got the HTC Evo 4G Joe: Oh dude that's awesome I'm stuck with this iPhone Matt: What's an iPhone
by RichboyJhae April 23, 2010
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i paid $600 for this piece of shit that locks up, buttons sporadically work, and does whatever it wants to do--slowly. if i press txt, the internet comes up 12 seconds later

oh, you have an htc touch pro? sorry for ya suckajack!!

by classic1979 April 24, 2009
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The effect caused due to admiration of the Chin on the HTC Hero / G2 Touch such that one no longer likes any other phone which does not have a chin!

Also the Geekier form of the Lynx Effect.
Geek 1: Dude, what phone you gonna get on your upgrade?
Geek 2: No idea man, I am confused cos of the HTC Hero Effect.
by SharpShotRS April 19, 2010
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The gigantic urinal located on the north side of the city of Oneida, home of gutter sluts and high-dive butts, and the greatest lifeguarding crew of all time
Porkchop said, "I'm going down to the HTC Vet's Pool to swim with my cousints (cousins)."
by King of the Naughty Hizoes August 13, 2006
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