A sexy act between two men that involves them being naked, and rubbing their penises together.

It can involve one's hand, trying to bring the two together for pleasure, but isn't always a necessity in the act.

Josh frotted with one of his frat brothers last night. It was sensual.

by darksongbird March 21, 2009
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actual, factual, real deal, no-girls-allowed, sex between men, rubbing penises together between two humping bodies or within a single hand
I wanna frot you like an animal.
by Guy April 25, 2004
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To engage in a humping like fashion, with a "frot" partner
Wow Chad, your froting with Frank Again!!

Thats like your 5th frot session this week
by cmy|dutch May 9, 2005
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A nonsensical term that originated from the French word "frottage," pronounced fruh + taj. Thus, "frot" should be pronounced like "frut."

Still, today, frot is rarely used, and if so, generally only means "to chafe" or when one is dancing with another, "to gyrate."

How the gay community adopted this term is a mystery. Why they would choose such a disgusting sounding word to describe a sexual act is another mystery. If they wanted the act to be taken seriously, a more proper word should have been chosen, as "frot" is incorrect.

"Fricitation" and "frontism" are the correct terms for what the gay community think of as "frot." Genito-genital rubbing or GG rubbing is a term frequently used by primatologists to describe the act. "Frotting" simply means "chafing."

Matt: I swear that weird dude just frotted against my leg on the train. I've got to get a car.


Dave: Would it be a sin to frot that girl over there subway doors?

Sean: I wouldn't. I saw her frotting four dudes at the club last night. She probably gets around.
by Pete2222 October 21, 2008
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To hump (think dogs and legs). usually done to strangers.
i dare you to go frot that bloke!
by baz November 2, 2003
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An annoying person; a different meaning of fart
Baylee and Delaney are MASSIVE frots.
by milf69193420 March 21, 2021
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Rubbing/holding/masturbating two penises together for sexual pleasure. Usually, both men stand or lie down facing each other so that the undersides of both penises touch along their entire length, allowing one person to masturbate both penises simultaneously.

The warmth of the other penis and the added stimulation from contact along the entire length of the shaft can create increased sensation compared to ordinary mutual masturbation (hand only). A finger inserted between the heads of the two penises will be lubricated by the combined pre-cum and may cause additional stimulation.

Also may be performed by holding together two penises which face opposite directions (side-by-side or one on top of the other), or by lying down in opposite directions .
"I don't like anal because when you pull out it gives you shitdick. I prefer frotting."

"My bro Jake and I give each other HJs sometimes when we're blue balling, but I tried frotting with him last night and came buckets!"
by WhiskeyAndCigarettes May 28, 2012
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