Synonym for pain, suffering and agony. Usually used in terms of education.
-Yo, I got that HSE feelin yesterday...
-Dam, bro
by GreenChampion November 1, 2019
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Dawggggg, that basketball game was the HSE, it was close to the last minute
by thehsemaster January 17, 2012
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Stands for Higher School of Economics, one of the leading research universities in Russia.
-Why is he so grumpy?
-Oh, he’s a student at HSE, he gets like 3 hours of sleep every night
by dorksz November 24, 2021
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HSE - Ham Sandwich Eater: A usually white haired, male, African American senior citizen who has lost interest in everything in life except eating a ham sandwich.
HSE Uncle Curtis: (to anyone who will listen, at a rapid tempo) "I tell you what, everyday I come home from work, I have a ham sandwich uh-hum, uh-hum.''
by Forsiath November 8, 2010
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abbreviation of "house".
you can read this word "hse" mostly in classified ads since most advertisers wanna minimize on their expense by maximizing use of spaces in a three line ad. Mostly and commonly used as
"open hse".
There's an open hse on sunday.
by Albert EYEinstein August 8, 2004
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Shittiest school where everyone thinks they're so cool. Super white washed and racist and flat out fucking rude. You can't talk to a white popular girl without them taking a massive shit on you. Just being a younger age allows older bitches to make a fuck of you whenever the fuck they want.
HSE High School is so shitty!
by iloveindians6969 September 6, 2022
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Hamilton Southeastern High School, located in Fishers, IN, is one of the largest high schools in Indiana with over 2800 students. Once a simple countryside school, it has grown so much over the past 2 decades, and has been populated with rich suburban white kids, many of which live in mansion homes along Geist lake. They act stupid, and often snotty, yet the school still has some of the highest test scores anywhere. There are less than 100 black students in the population and they all meet in the school commons at the very middle of the school during passing periods. The rest of the school is nothing but white, and half of them believe they're black-ghetto in a pathetic way. The students are living in a bubble, not quite understanding that most families cannot afford an excursion to Europe 5 times a year. Extra curriculars are amazing at the school, and the theater program is first rate.
EX1: Person 1: "Where do you go to school?" Person 2: "HSE." Person 1:"How much does your dad make?"
EX2: "The winner of (insert extra curricular) is HSE High School!"
by dushante March 15, 2012
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