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Hormone Replacement Therapy

A procedure in which the body's natural hormones are replaced or boosted by medical means, such as pills or injections.

Often used during the transition period for a transsexual.
"She's finally on her way to starting HRT, after coming out to her family, settling things with insurance, and getting the referral of a licensed therapist."
by Alexandria January 01, 2005
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Adj. Something that is expected to have a long lifespan by virtue of having existed for a long time, based on the lindy effect, named for the New York restaurant Lindy's, coined by Albert Goldman and popularized by Nassim Taleb.
cooking with fire is lindy
by mmebs June 13, 2021
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abbreviation for 'heart'
If I had the letters "HRT",
I can add "EA" to get a "HEART"
or a "U" and get "HURT".
But I'd rather choose "U" and get "HURT"
than have a "HEART" without "U".
by hollow August 22, 2005
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The FBI's HRT is infamus for the incident at ruby ridge
by alec81484 March 13, 2005
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Abbrev. For "high rising terminal"

Also known as uptalk or rising inflection, it is the tendency for condescending, know-it-alls to end everything they say in in way that sounds like a question.
Computer geek: "So basically..? Next time you boot your PC make sure it plugged in? MmmmKay?"

User: "Enough with the HRT, you condescending dork."
by 07079 October 27, 2011
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A formerly superior racing team that went downhill after their sale by a very professional and smart corporation that never made a mistake. Their sudden decline in superiority has proven that the teams's performance was not related to the car manufacturer.
HRT haven't looked like winning a championship for years.
by Dr T. Gerbal November 27, 2004
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westy claimed, "Man i got a mean HRT commodore. It's pretty bad ass"
by inglewood January 02, 2004
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