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The way a fucktard spells douche
you are a cockbite if you spell it dush
by alec81484 April 27, 2004

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Nickname given to John Gotti because he was charged with different crimes multiple times but he was never convicted (before he was finaly convicted). The charges would never stick, hence the name.
The teflon don was responsible for the begining of the end of the gambino crime family because of his big mouth.
by alec81484 March 13, 2005

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A program that everyone knows does not work but makes the police look good becuse it makes it look like they care.
why spend taxpayer dollars on DARE, a program that doesnt work...why not, they do it all the time
by Alec81484 October 27, 2004

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last name of a series of bosses in the Gambino crime family. All are idiots and fucked themselves by running thier mouths and showing off. John Gotti's mouth made Sammy The Bull turn rat. Pete Gotti, John's brother, was an idiot and got no respect. John Gotti Jr. is now on trial and will probably loose.
The Gotti's are all fucking idiots and deserve to die in prison for thier stupidity alone
by alec81484 March 13, 2005

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A HBO series based on the New Jersey based DeCavalcante crime family. A crime family that was always looked down upon by the five families from New York.
One day FBI agents were listening to a tap on some DeCavalcante soldiers and they started talking about the sopranos, talking about if its about them and how good of a show it is.
by alec81484 March 13, 2005

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Driving While Oriental. Refers to the stereotype that asians are bad drivers.
Guy: That car was just thrown in park before it even stopped and skid out...and now asians are getting out.
Guy2: D.W.O. man
by alec81484 December 15, 2004

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A Brazilian marial art that was invented by slaves which was made to look like dance. It is recognized as both a style of dance and fighting.
Eddie Gordo from tekken 3 fought using capoeira
by Alec81484 October 26, 2004

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