The best character ever in the showThe Flash
did you see how hot HR Wells was?
by Replitz April 25, 2022
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Nickname of a Nigerian

ojo israel olaniyi
HIZZY HR life in Nigeria
by HIZZY HR November 25, 2021
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music that can be played around “professional” coworkers. this music cannot contain illusive language and/or actions (no sexual music).
“we’re in the office.. turn on the HR banger$ :/“
by addshole69 September 16, 2021
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Short for hidden retard strength.

The hypothesis and observation that mentally retarded people have absurd inhumane levels of strength.
Tyrell: Damn that nigga just lifted up a whole ahh table!!!

Joe: Yes, my African American friend, that nigga has a form of HRS

Tyrell: The fuck is HRS Cracka?!

Joe: Hidden retard strength!

Tyrell: Ohhhhh
by Captain Quagmire March 30, 2023
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An Agent that works for helping others, usually pro in technology shit.
Agent Hr's are really amazing,aren't they?
by Heirofjuice May 16, 2021
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