The phrase used by students at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) when cheering on their team or demonstrating the overall intellectual and athletic prowess of their school over any other educational establishment. The phrase is derived from the school's logo, the Texas Longhorn, named Bevo.
C'mon boys, kick the sh*t outta the Sooners, HOOK EM!
by ut_spencer January 28, 2009
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An accepted means by which to cheer for The Texas Longhorns.
Keith Jackson: "Fourth and five, the national championship on the line right here"
Vince Young: "Hutt, Hutt"
Keith Jackson: "He's going for the corner...he's got it"
Random dude clad in burnt orange: "Hook 'em Horns!!"
by blastitall10 January 17, 2008
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A catchphrase and hand sign associated with the University of Texas, primarily with sporting events. The index and pinky finger are extended, pointing upward. The thumb is folded in front of the other two fingers. Sometimes the whole hand is moved in a forward and back movement.

Often, at sporting events, the team opposing the University of Texas will use the hand signal upside down to boo.
When Bevo, the mascot of the University of Texas, is paraded by, adoring fans gave him the Hook em Horns.
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1. event of two cars racing, i.e. hooking em up to race
2. breeding of dogs.
1. Hey, thats a nice sohc civc.... bet that vinyl makes it fast.... lets hook em up...
2. Hey, nice pit, i have a rot., lets hook em up
by Josh Delaughter August 29, 2005
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The perfect way to dismiss what someone is saying . To totally blow someone off when they are talking nonsense.
YOu respond OK Cool Hook Em, when your buddy says, Dude, you know my football team is way better than yours.
by Big Hook Em November 19, 2018
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I am going to have to move my computer desk across the room, because there is not a hook em up on this wall.
by VaRaine May 14, 2010
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