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The phrase used by students at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) when cheering on their team or demonstrating the overall intellectual and athletic prowess of their school over any other educational establishment. The phrase is derived from the school's logo, the Texas Longhorn, named Bevo.
C'mon boys, kick the sh*t outta the Sooners, HOOK EM!
by ut_spencer January 28, 2009
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An accepted means by which to cheer for The Texas Longhorns.
Keith Jackson: "Fourth and five, the national championship on the line right here"
Vince Young: "Hutt, Hutt"
Keith Jackson: "He's going for the corner...he's got it"
Random dude clad in burnt orange: "Hook 'em Horns!!"
by blastitall10 January 17, 2008
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A military term which is generally exclaimed when an enemy combattant or immigrant is in sight. The action itself is to scoop up your opponent's legs with one arm, causing them to fall over face-first. As a general term it means to attack, go on the offensive.
"We got a runner boys, hook'em down!
by Arju Wilch April 28, 2008
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When a person has a curved device and shoves it up another persons anus.
Dudes: "Hey that chick over is bending over....lets hookem!!!!"
Guy: "Ahhh my anus!!!!"
Dudes: You've just recieved a hookem!!!
by Pontrent May 15, 2008
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