Short for Single Overhead Cam.

Refers to an engine in which the intake/exhaust valves are operated by a camshaft placed above the cylinders, and driven by a belt connecting them to the crankshaft, as opposed to using connecting rods and rockers.
The Toyota AE85 uses a SOHC engine.
by waveform_distortion December 28, 2005
1. Sort of like P.I.H.B(pihb). Except this one means to Shit on her Chest.
That girl is fuckin hot. I would Sohc her.
by TCCO December 2, 2004
Single Overhead Cam

The worst of OHV, and the worst of DOHC.
Whenever I do the laundry, I always managed to lose a SOHC.
by merica September 30, 2005
SOHC is also short for "shit on his chin". When one attempts to grow facial hair on his/her chin but fails to because it is too thin, thus making it look like you have pubes on your chin.
man 1:yo check out C's facial hair!

man 2: nah man that's some SOHC, that ain't LEGIT!
by Simon Theodore Chipmunk July 28, 2009
Bad, mean, or ugly. Sohc engines are worse than Dohc engines.
by Import revolution May 27, 2005