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Noun (N)

Origin: United States, late 20th century.

HMA is a three-letter police abbreviation used to describe a Hispanic/Latino adult male. The term originated in law enforcement agencies in the southern and southwestern United States, where there is a significant Hispanicand/or Latino population.

The abbreviation, when broken down, appears as below.

H = Hispanic
M = Male
A = Adult

Pronounced: "H *pause* M *pause* A."
Police officer: "Dispatch, this is 3-Alpha-9, I am in pursuit of a red late-model Toyota, with Arizona tags. Code three response, HMA driver. 11-99, shots fired."
by RoundenBrown January 05, 2010
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(n) Short for Hairy Man Ass. Generally referred to in pornography reviews.
Gangbang flicks are becoming increasingly unpopular due to the proliferation of HMA on the screen.
by keyshaw May 14, 2004
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Im the principle of this shit school in hawaii. I charge all the kids here $1000 to go here so I can buy a Butt surgery. My ass is so oversized.
by Mr. Rosado April 09, 2004
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