Horse I'd Like to Fuck.
From the word milf (mother i'd like to fuck), coined by the American Pie movies.
Used to describe a horse that you find incredibly delectable and would love to have sex with.
Can be said by both men and women, but in the case of women sex with a horse has been known to cause massive internal bleeding, normally resulting in a slow and painful death.
1.'Fucking hell,look at that hot horse in the field across the road. What a HILF...I'd love to lick HER sugar cube!'

2.'Look at that girl on that horse. I wish she'd fuck off so that i could that HIlF a good riding!....Then i'd bang her too.'
by Ali.00 March 01, 2006
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HILF - Husband I'd Like to Fuck
1) Cougars (middle aged single Women on the prowl) call an attractive married man a HILF for casual sexual encounters without commitments or further expectations.

2) Younger females use the term to represent a married man that would provide material possessions (a.k.a. a sugar Daddy) without long term commitments.
Hey, check out that HILF over there at the bar!
by Gord M. January 03, 2008
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These guys got it all wrong... HILF stands for Hoe I'd Like to Fuck.
Homie 1 - Hey yo, look at dat hoe...

Homie 2 - Oh hell ya... thats definately a HILF!
by Wangz July 29, 2007
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(H)illbilly (I)'d (L)ike to (F)uck

basicly a play-off of the word MILF (mother id like to fuck)
"wow, dude check out that guy who rolls his joints so finely, he's a definate HILF"
by Tom Bellmont June 04, 2006
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