These guys got it all wrong... HILF stands for Hoe I'd Like to Fuck.
Homie 1 - Hey yo, look at dat hoe...

Homie 2 - Oh hell ya... thats definately a HILF!
by Wangz July 29, 2007
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“Damn that HILF was looking hella voluptuous.”
“Check out that HILF, they’ve got it all.”
by Gaybasher69420666 December 05, 2019
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(H)illbilly (I)'d (L)ike to (F)uck

basicly a play-off of the word MILF (mother id like to fuck)
"wow, dude check out that guy who rolls his joints so finely, he's a definate HILF"
by Tom Bellmont June 04, 2006
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horse or pony i'd like to foook!
George Washington's horse is a hilf!

Seabiscuit is such a hilf, straight upp!

F cows! We love them hilfs! nayy!
by Gerthen Marposss March 14, 2008
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Dude, I worked out at the J and was up to my ass in HILF!
by Fugster1 November 25, 2009
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