Headmistress I’d like to Fuck
β€œLook at the pins on her, she is a total HILF”
by Merry Ploughbhoy January 03, 2021
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Like a milf (mother is like to fuck) or a dilf (dad id like to fuck) a hilf is a Hermanastro I’d Like to Fuck. It is essentially when you are deeply entranced with your homie and you two become step brothers. This is the next level when you notice that tu hermanastro lookin tasty af... so he’s the hilf.
Damn today i realized that I’m a hilf and daniel is my hermanastro...
by anti-🍯 man April 28, 2021
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- Man, Freddie from Scooby Doo is so hot.
- Yeah, I agree. He's a HILF!
by zeidglockenturm April 28, 2021
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Hilf is an acronym meaning "Headwear I'd like to fuck." Commonly, this is known, in a way, as the "new McChicken"; instead of fucking chicken sandwiches, people are fucking hats. This word is a derivative of milf.
That's a real hilf he's got on.

Did you see her new hat? It's a total hilf.

His beanie is totally on my hilf list.
by Bodoof April 11, 2017
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