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Hard Core Alliance- A Truck Club that started in 2000. They were known to confuse and intimidate people by calling themselves "nazi mexicans" or "vato peckerwoods." But to this day, nobody knows what the hell they are but they see them everywhere. They normally wear shirts with HCA printed on them or have trucks with HCA stickers.
"hey dog? why is that asian guy calling me a chink and saying white power? I'm white."

"Oh, he's from HCA."

HCA Member-"I'm a Nazi Mexican! HCA mutha fucka! La Rasa...White Power!"
by Rudolph Rednose March 11, 2008
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Hyper-crazy Alliance.
U guyzz!!! We gotta go to the HCA meeting today! duuudee!!
by chaichai March 23, 2005
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Hospital Corporation of America, formerly Columbia Health Care, is the largest private healthcare provider in the world according to Wikipedia. It is based in Nashville, TN, USA. It has about 180,000 employees and operates more than 200 facilities worldwide. It was founded by the Frist family, which former US Senator Bill Frist is a member of.
My mother is a nurse at an HCA hospital.
by A former PGMS kid now @ PCHS November 29, 2009
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