Used in place of any "profane" words... (emphasize the H)
What the H?
Jesus H!
Holy H!
by JLJ6 February 07, 2006
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extremely short for JESUS H CHRIST!!!! used only in situations of extreme discomfort or disbelief
man2: H!

todd: dude my balls hurt....can you feel them and tell me whats wrong?

alex: H!
by watching matchine August 28, 2007
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H&H - An acronym commonly used in the LGBTQI community on dating apps like Grindr and Scruff

The first 'H' stands for horny and the second stands for high. Sometimes accompanied with mentions of 420.

(Search 420 for more information!)
420 - H&H - Looking for NSA fun, now!
by jaywks November 16, 2015
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hungry and horny at the same time.
Man, I am sooo hungry. and Im kinda turned on. H and H.
by misscruella October 01, 2009
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Actually Ancient Age, a kind of cheap bourbon whiskey sold in Iowa.
Lets grab some H and H when John comes over.
by Phartman July 09, 2004
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H+H is the act of smoking cannabis on a Friday night with your friend or friends The reason it’s called H+H is because when you smoke with your friend you replace the first letter of your name with an H that stands for High
Person one: Hey bro! Are we doing H+H tonight? Person two: Fuck yeah man you know it I’m tryna get high as shit
by thehellawavedguy October 16, 2019
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H&H is a term used for people who are in a "friends with benefits" relationship with their partner. The acronym stands for "hang out and hook up", which means the couple went for a casual date followed by intercourse.
Steven and I had an H&H last night. It was great!
by TheWise0ne April 24, 2014
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