A letter often used in confusion, or when something odd happened.
Friend 1: I did the did
Friend 2, replys: h
by epicduck410 February 21, 2020
A term used when somebody is Horny. And. Hopeless. normally used as a cry for help or savior a popular alternative to S.O.S
I was feeling very H. A. H..
I think I have a disease called H. A. H.!
I saw the letters H. A. H. drawn into the sand when we flew over the island!
by _Haoudin_ January 26, 2021
Did you two H H? That's pretty hott
by Jake December 6, 2003
a word my friend uses to confuse the shit out of out twitter group chat
friend: h

the whole chat: what the fuck
by okay boomer December 1, 2019