gyro is when yer maws money gets in fay the job centre like homeless benefit money
Mainly hobos and alchies get this gyro

commonly used in sentecnces like MOAN THE GYRO or

stacey needed the gyro to buy the bottle of alcohol
by bellshill slang February 28, 2019
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A great Greek sandwich-like food, including strips of lamb, garlic and a cucumber sauce... actually pronounced "YE-row"
"I'd like a gyro, please"
"Comin right up"
by RUC2ndRangersVZ October 03, 2003
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a check from the government which pays you for not being employed
In Trainspotting Spud has to "fuck up good and proper" when he has a job interview. "or the DHHS will catch on - this cunt's not tryin' - and your gyro's fucking finished"
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
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GYRO, short for "Get Your Rat Out!"
(Rat being a slang term for a woman's vagina.)
Guy 1: Fucking GYRO (pronounced Jiy-Row)
Woman 1: Ewww no I aint showing you shit! You dirty bastard.
by Ben.J.Symponds (BJ) October 13, 2006
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Pronounced- Jairos

is a sandwich of lamb meat which starts many argunments over pronounciation.

Retards refer this word as Yeros...Yes are retards
The educated refer to this word as Jairos
These gyros are delicious, I really wish I can stop farting.
Seriously people in greek call it yeros. Are we in greek.
by daniel the artard kim February 13, 2008
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One of the best characters from Hirohiko Araki’s Steel Ball Run: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7 and also the best Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli is better than the rest due to him in Steel Ball Run
by Papamista July 09, 2019
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