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Gyro -is a noun used to describe the process of rotating or passing around a vaporizing device, commonly a juul.
l"Don't fuck up the gyro"
- hits theee times

"Bro gtfo of our gyro ou swiddeling motherfucker"
by GyroAssMofo July 17, 2018
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A great Greek sandwich-like food, including strips of lamb, garlic and a cucumber sauce... actually pronounced "YE-row"
"I'd like a gyro, please"
"Comin right up"
by RUC2ndRangersVZ October 03, 2003
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a check from the government which pays you for not being employed
In Trainspotting Spud has to "fuck up good and proper" when he has a job interview. "or the DHHS will catch on - this cunt's not tryin' - and your gyro's fucking finished"
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
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GYRO, short for "Get Your Rat Out!"
(Rat being a slang term for a woman's vagina.)
Guy 1: Fucking GYRO (pronounced Jiy-Row)
Woman 1: Ewww no I aint showing you shit! You dirty bastard.
by Ben.J.Symponds (BJ) October 13, 2006
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A sloppy greek vagina. Analogous to an american roast beef sandwich.
I completely destroyed Fountas' gyro last night right after Trimble loaded it up with tzatziki.
by privatejoker June 08, 2009
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In relation to the popular term made famous by Les Dawson, Get Your Rat Out.

This acronym was created by a group of young Northern fellows in order to politley ask a lady to get ones rat out.

Caution is to be used when using this term, especially outside of the Post Office on a particular weekday morning.
(Lady walking past) G.Y.R.O!!
by Ben Von D March 18, 2011
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