Gyro is an Italian man who practically is the main character in JoJo part 7: Steel ball run. Gyro used to work as a doctor and fucked his female patients behind his fathers back, and is now helping a cripple named Johnny Joestar who is in fact a dickhead
Guy 1; Gyro is so fuckin' funny in SBR
Guy 2: no shit
by Gyro Zepelli August 1, 2019
Gyro -is a noun used to describe the process of rotating or passing around a vaporizing device, commonly a juul.
l"Don't fuck up the gyro"
- hits theee times

"Bro gtfo of our gyro ou swiddeling motherfucker"
by GyroAssMofo July 17, 2018
Balls in the ass, sandwich in the pussy.
"Oh i totally gyro'd my girl last night. There was deli meat everywhere."
by aznpplunite May 22, 2008
Derived from the word "Gyrosexual," meaning "lover of green penises. A gyro is someone who has a great passion for the color green.
Frank is an artist who only paints using the color green because he is a gyro.
by HORNYGREENMAN June 22, 2019
A sloppy greek vagina. Analogous to an american roast beef sandwich.
I completely destroyed Fountas' gyro last night right after Trimble loaded it up with tzatziki.
by privatejoker June 8, 2009
Racial slur indicating somebody is an annoying Greek. In the Greek culture this is just as offensive as the N-word. Some may often use the term “Gyro Eater
by Proffesor Nirosovich January 26, 2022
when your banging a chick and when u pull out you jizz on her eyebrows and put that tzasiki sauce all over her
Yo last night this bitch was blowing me and i pulled out and gave her a gyro.
by KZap October 19, 2007