A cult of which the main premise is the art of thieving. The second art is just being a bunch of absolute wankers. They steal dogs for food, they shoot children in the legs and they let their dogs shit on your lawn.
Gypsy: I need money.
Man: Fuck off.
Gypsy: wtf?
Man: I had to earn it so why the fuck should you have any of it.
Gypsy: Fair Enough.

20 minutes later the Gypsy arrives with a gang of stolen dogs all of which shit promptly onto your lawn.

Man (from upstairs window): Oh for fucks sake.
Wife: What a bunch of absolute Wankers.

Man goes and gets all of the dog shit into a large disposable bag. Loads his shotgun and finds the gypsy encampment.

Man: Eat shit arseholes.

Man then force feeds the gypsies their dog shit.

Man: Fucking bunch of cunts.
by --1337-- March 24, 2008
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Once used as a derogatory term the word gypsy is used today to describe persons of nomadic lifestyles, whatever their race or origin. It also describes a counter culture movement that idealizes exploration and art.

Modern gypsies, not to be confused with hippies often play the tambourine and perform some form of belly dance fusion/burlesque or fire dance. Many practice an earth based spirituality. They make their own clothes and wear corsets, dreadlocks and/or adorn their hair with colorful braided yarn extensions.

Gothic/Dark Gypsies may do all of the above but wear mostly black and have many tattoos.
a modern gypsy motto: "Life is the journey not the destination"
by poetic.terrorist July 02, 2009
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A 'traveller' who has no respect for authority,society,the environment, himself or his offspring. A thieving cad who steals cars, who runs into a young schoolboy whilst travelling at 60mph in a built-up area, kills him and drives on with his pals laughing in the back. Disappears into the 'travelling community' but is eventually caught and will go to jail and get the shit kicked out of him.
FACT: Gypsy travellers shield murderers!!
by Skirtlifter January 18, 2007
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to 'gypsy' can be mean to 'steal'
by Nobby July 21, 2004
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The pure scum of the earth, they are shameless and are all inbred retards who would slit your throat for a penny.

Though not all of them are that bad, most living in Ireland, the robbing retarded "travelling people", and those in Europe are abosolute trash.
Guy 1: Who's that smelly retard trying to rape a girl?

Guy 2: oh that's a fucking gypsy

Guy 1: How could I not remember those inbred scum who rape their family!

Guy 2: Well ya should remember well enough now
by Weaboo69 November 24, 2016
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A person who sells goods which may include, but are not limited to, tears, shrunken peoples, Bay Watch fan books, and various other odd job items.
Did you see that Gypsy?

I sure did. She shrunk that person and then sold him with the rest of her various goods!
by Yorf December 01, 2006
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Forget the historical defs.

'Gypsy' is usually prefixed by 'Thieving' because that's what nearly all of them do. They are filthy, dishonest rip-off merchants, and that's just their children. They are NOT cool - at all! As in 11 above, they do indeed carry stolen gear in their Transit vans, that is when they're not hauling off monoblock/garden rubbish/gas canisters to dump anywhere and blight the environment. They also shit into poly bags,which they leave scattered around their sites. The men are lazy workers (bit of any oxymoron, that!), and they travel the country in vehicles that have forged documents, and have no insurance.
They are scum, period!
Those thieving gypsies.............
by skirtlifter January 11, 2005
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